“Kasai” massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment caring for physical and emotional health against aging process. In Thai history, the treatment were for only those from a noble class due to a shortage of skillful practitioners. Since this invaluable knowledge were only passed along from generation to another within the family.

                  Our massage treatments integrate Western style with our traditional style. Our traditional style also combined knowledges and trainings from various masters, and incorporated with meditative practice.

Please note that our services are (non-sexual) therapeutic treatments. Each treatment designs for taking care of the different age groups, genders, symptoms, and health issues. Some treatments address problems associated with sexual organs, however, there is NO sexual or erotic arousal during the treatment. Please inquire for more information and treatment that fit your need or health concern.

By Kru Nam (Master Teacher and the Founder of Auksika Wellness) 

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A professional therapist for Man and ladies and gents 
body treatment. Living in Nontabury,Bangkok, Thailand.

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