Original mea kae style 

Reproductive Health Massage

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Jap Kasai & Testicle Massage Testicles

 1 Hr. 60 USD 

Original mea kae style 

Reproductive Health Massage

Focus on holistic reproductive care for the benefit of good circulation in all reproductive systems.

1. Testis and scrotum.

2. sperm tube

3. Sperm tube

4. gland nutrient semen (seminal vesicle).

5. Prostate (prostate gland)

6. cowper gland

7. Penis (pennis)

This treatment is suitable for you. Have patience with hurt Various muscle systems May hurt or cork Into the abdomen Not suitable for people who have little patience.

So please consider the one that works for you. But how do we give advice? In the right treatment for you. Before the massage service, massage.

Interested in booking inquiries? Please schedule an appointment for a massage at +66911 0978 or 063 542 2492.

Or if you want to learn massage, contact 063 542 2492. If you do not receive the call, teachers will call back.

A professional therapist for Man and ladies and gents body treatment. Living in Nontabury,Bangkok, Thailand. For enquiry and appointment, please contact me: +66-9110978 (available day and night daily)