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Reproductive Health Massage

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Jap Kasai Tendon 

Jap Kasai Tendon

‘‘ สู่อารมณ์ทรงฌาน ’’
Techniques Nuad Jub Kasai Sen” in Thai or “Mae Kae” Style Traditional Massage for Healing Male Reproductive System Disorders

Treatment price  2 hours  3,500 Baht 

 The course tuition 35,000 Baht

Foreigner 1,400 $ USD

 10. Aroma Romantic จุดกำเนิด 2/2500 บาท 1.5/2000 บาท



Aroma Romantic vaginal tightening press.

  Arts, massage new offer.

  To you ladies

  See results within 3 times of care.

  You will roll-old virgins

  Unbelievable, but true to see it.


2 hours 2,500 baht  1.5 hours price 2,000 baht

A professional therapist for Man and ladies and gents body treatment. Living in Nontabury,Bangkok, Thailand. For enquiry and appointment, please contact me: +66-9110978 (available day and night daily)