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Reproductive Health Massage

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  Healing blood Massage 


Vaginal tightening, relax and relax. Hot stone massage, massage, massage, massage, balance, hormonal, bone marrow, blood.

- plump cheeks

- Reduce menstrual pain.

- Reduce vaginal odor.

- Fit the vagina. Uterus

- stimulate blood circulation. And improve the circulation of the lymphatic system in the body. Make your skin smooth, healthy and beautiful skin, reduce wrinkles, dark spots and scars.

- Enhance detoxification efficiency. Toxin residues in the body. When a regular massage will help to improve the digestive system. The body cleanses itself from the detoxification through sweat and urine.

Benefits of massage

 Hot Stone Body Bload Massage

- Helps to drive waste in the kidney cone. Works better

- Reduce the risk of kidney and gall bladder cancer.

- Helps the immune system work better. Reduce the symptoms of allergies.

- Reduce menstrual pain. Or muscle aches because of the months.

- Reduce muscle tension. Helps restore and relax muscles.

- Can reduce excess fat. Reduce the accumulation of cellulite. Because of the heat and massage techniques that will stimulate the burning, fat burning, fat accumulation accumulated under the skin to return to the system of blood circulation effectively.

- The heat from the stone. Deep penetration deep into the muscles. Make the body feel warm Suitable for those who feel deep aches in cold hands and feet. As in the elderly Or who is very cold for a long time consecutive. Until the cold permeates into the bones. Helps to make blood circulation better.

- With the appearance of the stone through the cutting. To form a rounded convex. The weight of the stone. Including smooth stone texture. Make the weight of the massage firmly. And push deep into the inner muscles. Suitable for all ages. No muscle injury It also does not irritate skin while massage.

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